Conditions of Membership and Waiver Agreement

East Coast Football Official Association (“ECFOA”) provides flag and tackle football officiating services. This Condition of Membership and Waiver Agreement (the “Agreement”) applies to all general members and applicants for membership in the ECFOA, herein referred to as “ECFOA Members”.


Section One:


ECFOA Members are Independent Contractors and are not employees of the ECFOA, FHSAA or the schools that the ECFOA services. ECFOA Members are responsible for all applicable taxes.


Section Two:


ECFOA Members are required to comply in a timely fashion with all reasonable requests for information, whether made verbally or in writing, from an officer, director or authorized representative of the ECFOA and/or the FHSAA as relates any ECFOA and/or FHSAA activities. An ECFOA Members’ willful refusal to provide requested information concerning an ECFOA and/or FHSAA activity may result in the member’s suspension and/or termination, including but not limited to the loss of any previously assigned games or scrimmages.


Section Three:


ECFOA Members are required to provide their own motor vehicle insurance coverage, medical, dental, supplemental health insurance and are individually responsible for all liability/medical expenses related to any activity arising out of involvement with the ECFOA and/or the FHSAA.


Section Four:


In consideration of an application for general membership in ECFOA, the undersigned hereby agrees to an unconditional release of the ECFOA and its officers and or directors, in such capacity, from any liability for property damage, including loss of game fees, physical harm, personal injury including accidental or sudden or sudden death to the undersigned member resulting from any ECFOA and/or FHSAA related activities, specifically including but not limited to transportation to and from all games, practices, clinic assignments, participation in meetings and all other injuries reasonably associated with ECFOA assignments and/or outings.


Section Five:


Membership in one section (tackle and/or flag football) does not create any entitlement of the ECFOA Members to participate in the other section, unless an appropriate application and payment are received and accepted by the ECFOA. More specifically, an ECFOA Member who is exclusively a flag football official shall have no voting rights under the ECFOA ByLaws.




By acknowledging this document, the member (including his/her heirs and/or assigns) agrees to comply with all Sections hereof, and specifically agrees with and acknowledges the unconditional release in Section Four, in favor of the ECFOA and its officers and/or directors.